Food & Drink
Sparkling Lemonade

Sparkling Water: 1 Bottle
Stevia: 2 Drops
Lemon: 1
Mint: Small Handful
Ice: 1/2 Cup

Using a lemon squeezer juice lemon into two glasses.
Place 3 drops of Stevia in each glass.
Add ice cubes and sparkling water.
Mix in crushed mint.
Serves 2.

When life gives you lemons… whip out this recipe and make some Sparkling Lemonade!

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Health & Wellness

AdrianneHo_NuNatural_SteviaStevia is a triple threat because it contains zero calories, is all natural, and very sweet. As opposed to other sweeteners, it will not cause your blood sugar levels to spike or your teeth to decay. Although it’s an incredible substitute for sugar, you still need to be careful when adding it to your food or drink because of its potency, 3-10 drops a serving is usually enough.  Stevia can also be found in a variety of flavours.

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Health & Wellness

Adrianneho_Calcium_1 Calcium is a mineral that your body needs to maintain and build strong bones. It’s absorbed through the food we eat. If enough calcium isn’t being provided then your body will will start removing it from the bones, this condition is called Osteoporosis.

Enough calcium can be provided from a very healthy, rich, and diverse diet but in most cases supplements are a good aid, especially for people who are lactose intolerant or vegetarians. It’s best to pair calcium with vitamin D because that allows your body to fully absorb the mineral.

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Food & Drink
GoMacro Bars

GoMacroGoMacro bars are natural, organic, and preservative free. They use ingredients that are sourced from local farms, natural sweeteners that wont cause blood sugar to spike ,and complex carbs that keep you full longer. Because the bars aren’t extremely sweet you won’t be tempted to rip through a package unless you’re really really hungry. They’re extremely satisfying because of their thick and chewy consistency. 

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