KORRES Black Pine Anti Wrinkle & Firming Serum

SweatTheStyle_Korres_BlackPineFirmingSerumThere’s something extra cool about a skin care product with some science behind it! Korres Black Pine Face Serum is an “anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting” formulation, which is suitable for all skin types. Its ‘USP’ ingredient is black pine polyphenol, which has been found to increase the skin’s firmness, enhance contours and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

This serum is 93.7% natural, and does not contain parabens or silicones. Active ingredients include hyaluronic acid (which moisturizes and hydrates), soy fibers (which boost collagen levels in the skin and restore smoothness) and oat polysaccharides (which lift the skin and act against muscle relaxation).

Korres Face serum feels great on the skin! It moisturizes enough to wear alone and it’s suitable for all skin types. Adding this to your nightly ritual is a major plus! A few drops will leave you feeling moisturized with glowing skin as you wake up in the morning with any visible lines fading away. You will quickly fall in love with this serum and the way it makes your skin feel!

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Food & Drink
J.J.’s Lone Daughter Ranch Fresh Citrus Juice

SweatTheStyle_JJSloanDaughtersRanchJuice-2If you visited any of the major farmers markets in Los Angeles chances are you’ve passed by Farmer Laura Ramirez of J.J.’s Lone Daughter Ranch. She grows a wide variety of avocados (yes there’s more than just hass), citrus, and other specialty fruit and has recently started bottling her own juices.

What’s special about these juices is they’re made from only the fruit mentioned on the bottle, no artificial additives and no mixes, that way you know you’re getting 100% organic local goodness grown from her farm. After finishing a bottle of blood orange or tangerine we promise you will never look at a glass of OJ the same again!

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Food & Drink
Guerrilla Tacos

SweatTheStyle_GuerrillaTacosGuerrilla Tacos, which parks in front of Los Angeles’ best coffee (and sometimes wine) shops has some of the best tacos around. Wes Avila started Guerrilla Tacos as a street cart in August of 2012. His mission was to make tacos with high-quality, seasonal ingredients in an accessible way. The second you take a bite into one of these tacos you are instantly hooked!

Guerrilla Tacos’ menu changes weekly with local ingredients. Their tacos range from sweet potato topped with almond chile, feta cheese, fried corn, scallions to baja style fried cod with purple cabbage slaw, chipotle crema, burnt tomato chile, cilantro, and chile Japonese (both pictured above.) Over the last four years, Avila has served nearly 200 different tacos, quesadillas, and tostadas.

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Food & Drink
Tomatoes In Season

SweatTheStyle_HeirloomTomatoesIt’s that time of year in California when you can find a beautiful variety of different types of tomatoes popping up at the local farmers markets. Peak season for tomatoes usually runs from June to October and at this time they are so fresh and ripe you can easily enjoy them with just a little olive oil and sea salt.

Tomatoes which are actually a fruit, are incredibly dense in nutrients and not only improve functions in your body, but also play a role in preventing against chronic disease because they are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, folic acid, and fiber.

If you want to find out the best way to enjoy tomatoes from your area check in with your local farmer to see the wide range of flavors and particular types and ask them for their suggestions on how to prepare them. You might stumble upon a new favorite healthy dish!

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Food & Drink

SweatTheStyle_PopThere is something nostalgic about being a child in the summer heat enjoying your favorite popsicle. As adults it’s still an amazing treat that cools you off and satisfies your sweet tooth! Goodpop makes it very easy to indulge in our fav summertime treat! GoodPops are all-natural frozen pops made with organic ingredients.

These pops were born out of Austin, Texas by Daniel Goetz. Daniel came up with the concept when he was a senior at the University of Texas. He saw the lack of healthy refreshing popsicles and sought out to create a cool treat with all natural ingredients!

GoodPop’s ingredients include fresh fruit, 100% organic, fair trade cane sugar and ZERO artificial flavoring! Now lets get to the flavors… GoodPop currently has six yummy flavors ranging from Coconut Lime to Watermelon Agave, which only has 48 calories so you may able to sneak two of these ;-). This is the perfect Summer 16 mouthwatering treat for adults and kids. Look out for GoodPop as they continue to expand nationwide.

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RMS Lip Shine

SweatTheStyle_RMSBeauty-3At times it can be difficult to accomplish the look and feel you want from a lip gloss. Many of us feel it’s necessary to apply a hydrating balm under our lip gloss to ensure moisture. RMA’s Lip Shine provides a non-sticky ultra hydrating hint of color that is sure to nourish your lips as well as make them look amazing!

Packed with natural and organic extracts, this gloss is unlike many other glosses that leave your lips shinny yet missing the hydration. The creamy texture makes it an easy everyday-go-to as each gloss is infused with coconut oil and cocoa butter. Vitamins and moringa oil promote firmness and elasticity to keep lip lines far far away! The poppy refreshing colors will make this a great addition to your make up case and be your new beauty obsession!

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Shutters Beach House Suite

AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-8 When it comes to relaxation there are many ways to give yourself a break from the everyday hustle and bustle…
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-6Shutters On The Beach is an amazing beach front hotel in Santa Monica, California that feels like it has been transplanted right from the northeast. The hotel sits on a 26-mile palm tree-lined beachside path that cuts through the sand and is truly a beautiful sight!AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-7The guest rooms are reminiscent of those found in a beachside bed-and-breakfast that you may only find in Cape Cod, Nantucket, or The Hamptons. The $5,500 a night Beach House Suite (featured) is especially amazing with stellar views and a spacious layout that highlights an elegant, luxurious and sophisticated design element.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-5 The coastal cottage has incredible amenities include a jacuzzi, in-room library, entertainment center, balcony and fireplaces.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-9The suite is adorned with a just-the-right curated collection of East meets West books, art, and accoutrement.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-3Whether you’re starting your day with a run, bike ride on the boardwalk, yoga on the beach or an early morning swim it will feel like the perfect in-town escape.  AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-4 Every inch of Shutters is designed to unwind — whether you’re on the patio enjoying the sights on the beach, or in the lobby which reminds us of an oversized living room with several areas of extra comfy couches and fireplaces with that perfect touch of yesteryear.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-2Shutters is the perfect treat for a quick getaway for some must needed r & r and California sun. The perfect home away from home.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-1Bikini: Victoria’s Secret
Striped Parka: Supreme

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The Importance Of The Warm Down

SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-27 SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-29Sometimes the first thing we want to do post-workout is hit the nearest market or juice spot and grab a smoothie, yet it’s important to take a few minutes to stretch your muscles and warm down…
SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-28 During a workout, muscles contract and small tears occur in muscle fibers. It’s important to stretch in order to repair these tears.SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-24 During a workout, muscles contract and small tears occur in muscle fibers. It’s important to stretch in order to repair these tears. Some of the obvious reasons for stretching would be to prevent soreness, yet there are other reasons that are significant for your fitness goals and overall health. SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-23 Post-workout your muscles are better prepared for stretching due to your tissue being more flexible, making the muscles less prone to injury. Stretching can also help relax your muscles while your heart rate returns to normal.SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-22SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-21If your goal is increased flexibility; post-workout stretching is very important. Loosening the tight muscles will not only improve your flexibility; but also your strength, endurance and aid overall recovery. Remember to also keep your body hydrated and take the time to center yourself. Appreciate what you’ve just accomplished and your body will thank you for it.

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