NikeLab Free Inneva

AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-13 AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-8

Innovation meets style in something exclusive for the ladies…
The Nike Free Inneva Woven has been a staple of Sweat The Style. Now things really heat up with the introduction of the NikeLab women’s version. The unique silhouette combines the woven construction of the original with the slim fitted nature of a leather Repetto. The vents create a sexy and breathable body with the comfort of the Free 5.0 sole.

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Sweat the Look
A Fine Line

AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-2AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-3AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-6AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-9AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-10AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Carbon38-4The last days of Summer are often the hottest, that’s why added ventilation is key. These pieces from Carbon 38 provide just that with meshing along the panels of the tights and within the fabric of the bomber. A great way to stay cool while still covering up.

Bomber Jacket: Alala
Sports Bra: Olympia
Running Tights: Michi
Sneakers: Nike

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On The Run

AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-1After a long day of working whether it’s shooting, meetings, or being on set, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is going for a run. It’s in those moments that it’s important to try to push. You may not run the farthest or fastest those days but just getting a quick sweat helps center yourself, decompress and prepare for tomorrow’s journey… You won’t regret it.

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Sweat the Look
Straight Out The Jungle

AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-8AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-6 AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-9AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-11AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-7AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-3AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-2 AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-4 AdrianneHo_Supreme_LeopardHoodie-10

Leopard Mini Harvard Hooded L/S Top: Supreme
Technical Sports Bra: Sweat x Sweat The Style
Box Logo Standard Tights: Sweat x Sweat The Style
Sneakers: Nike

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Sweat the Look
Sweat Crew Los Angeles Launch Event

SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-1 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-2 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-3 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-6 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-4 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-7 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-8 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-5 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-9 SweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LASweatTheStyle_SweatCrewLaunch_LA-10Last weekend the launch of Sweat Crew exclusively at PacSun was celebrated with a private dinner atop the Line Hotel. Guests were treated to a special preview of the sportswear collection and a unique pop-up boutique experience where they could select their favorite pieces to take home with them. Customized long reversible Crew jackets were gifted to many of the incredible women featured daily on Sweat The Style.
Models, photographers, artists, bloggers, editors, trainers, as well as friends and family were in attendance. Commissary prepared an organic farm to table meal Sweat The Style approved. It was a beautiful night of celebration.

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Skin Fitness Vital C Serum

AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-1Vitamin C that tones and brightens, and we’re not talking about your body muscle…

SweatTheStyle_SkinFitness_VitaminCSkin Fitness has created an amazing product to firm and tighten your skin called Vital C Serum. It tones your skin making it bright and healthy, thus reducing wrinkles and improving your skin’s texture. Vitamin C encourages the natural formation of collagen which in turn plumps up skin and pulls back any areas where wrinkles could form.

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Sweat the Look
Downtown Dusk

AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-7 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-6 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-3 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-10 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-4 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-8 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-2 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-9 AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_CrewJacket-5Performance Legging Woodland Camouflage: Sweat Crew
Performance Harness Bra Black: Sweat Crew
Custom Embroidered Long Reversible Crew Jacket: Sweat Crew
Sneakers: Nike

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Sweat the Look
Sweat Crew Fall 2015 Style & Performance Guide

SweatCrew_CamouflageLegging3 SweatCrew_CamouflageLegging1 SweatCrew_CamouflageLegging2SweatCrew_CamouflageShorts3SweatCrew_CamouflageShorts2SweatCrew_CamouflageSportsBra1SweatCrew_CamouflageShorts6SweatCrew_CamouflageShorts7

Performance Bra Woodland Camouflage
Performance Legging Woodland Camouflage
Running Shorts Woodland Camouflage
Details: 3M reflective accents, Bonded tape seam back pockets fit iPhone 6 Plus

SweatCrew_CamouflageWindbreaker4SweatCrew_CamouflageWindbreaker6 SweatCrew_CamouflageWindbreaker5SweatCrew_CamouflageWindbreaker2

Windbreaker Woodland Camouflage
Details: Snap front pocket, 3M Reflective branding front and back, Detachable hood, Front half-zip rubber sealed lock zippers and side vents, Premium water resistant fabrication

SweatCrew_SportsBra2 SweatCrew_SportsBra1SweatCrew_BlackLegging5SweatCrew_BlackLegging3SweatCrew_BlackLegging4Performance Legging Black
Performance Harness Bra Black
Details: Rubber sealed zipper, 3M reflective logo, Bonded tape seam back pocket fits iPhone 6 Plus

SweatCrew_MeshHood3 SweatCrew_MeshHood1 SweatCrew_MeshHood2Mesh Full Zip Jacket Black
Details: 3M Reflective branded sleeve trim, Rubber sealed lock front zipper, Bonded tape seam front pockets, Breathable mesh hood and sleeves, Rubber sealed drawstring

SweatCrew_SleevelessSweat7 SweatCrew_SleevelessSweat4 SweatCrew_SleevelessSweat5 SweatCrew_SleevelessSweat3SweatCrew_SleevelessSweat6SweatCrew_SleevelessSweat2Long Sleeveless Vent Hoodie Melange Grey
Details: 100% Cotton premium French Terry, 3M Reflective branding on hood, Bonded tape seam front pockets, Invisible side zipper vents, Rubber sealed drawstring, Can be worn as a dress for an alternative style

SweatCrew_MeshPracticeTop3SweatCrew_MeshPracticeTop2SweatCrew_Sweatpants1SweatCrew_Sweatpants2Warm Up Mesh Top Black
Details: Breathable mesh, Front and back graphics, Exterior Crew label
Jogger Pant Grey Melange
Details: 100% Cotton premium French Terry, 3M Reflective branding at hip, Bonded tape seam back pocket fits iPhone 6 Plus, Rubber sealed drawstring

SweatCrew_LongCrewJacket3SweatCrew_LongCrewJacket7SweatCrew_LongCrewJacket5 SweatCrew_LongCrewJacket6SweatCrew_LongCrewJacket1Long Reversible Crew Jacket
Details: Black and pink water resistant fabrication, Raglan sleeves, Embroidered graphics on front and back, Sport satin branding, Tipped banding, Front double zipper, Front pockets

SweatCrew_OversizedSweatshirt1 SweatCrew_OversizedSweatshirt2Oversized Crewneck Vent Sweatshirt Pink
Details: 100% Cotton premium French Terry, Invisible side zipper vents, Drop shoulder, 3M Reflective branding at chest

SweatCrew_JuiceJersey1 SweatCrew_JuiceJersey2Juice Football Jersey Red
Details: Breathable mesh, Front and back graphics, Crew exterior labels

SweatCrew_HockeyJersey1Sweat Crew Athletics Hockey Jersey Cream
Details: Breathable mesh, Front and sleeve graphics, Tackle twill lettering, Crew exterior labels

SweatCrew_LongBaseballJersey3 SweatCrew_LongBaseballJersey2 SweatCrew_LongBaseballJersey1Pinstripe Baseball Jersey Dress White
Details: Tackle twill lettering, Crew exterior labels, Can be worn as a shacket for an alternative style

SweatCrew_RaglanTop2Pinstripe Raglan Baseball Top White
Details: Premium modal fabrication, Three-quarter sleeves, Front graphic, Exterior Crew label

SweatCrew_JacquardTop2 SweatCrew_JacquardTop3Oversized Mockneck Sweatshirt Black
Details: 100% Cotton premium French Terry, Drop shoulder, Graphic banding
SweatCrew_HangTagSweat Crew Rubberized Hang Tag Black
Details: 3M Reflective branding on elastic for hair or wrist accessory

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Sweat the Look
Sweat Crew New York City Media Event

SweatTheStyle_SweatCrew_NYLaunch_8SweatTheStyle_SweatCrew_NYLaunch_10SweatTheStyle_SweatCrew_NYLaunch_7SweatTheStyle_SweatCrew_NYLaunch_4SweatTheStyle_SweatCrew_NYLaunch_1AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_NYCMediaSweatTheStyle_SweatCrew_NYLaunch_3AdrianneHo_SweatCrew_NYCMedia-2Bypassing a traditional presentation, the Sweat Crew sportswear collection exclusively for PacSun was introduced to New York City in the form of a morning modelFIT workout. Press, editors, and close friends were invited to not just see the new line, but to have a one-of-a-kind sweat experience on the rooftop of the Refinery Hotel. Juice Press kept everyone hydrated and fueled throughout the event. Mixing sweat and style the preview was electric.

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