Aesop Resurrection Hand Soap

SweatTheStyle_HandWashWash your hands of dry skin and commercially smelling scents with Aesop’s Resurrection Hand Wash. It’s an effective botanically based cleansing gel that has been engineered with the use of high quality ingredients. It won’t dry out hands after washing but instead nourishes skin with essential oils like rosemary leaf and cedar atlas. The gentle, citrus-rich formula is ideal for frequent use. The clean and modern aesthetic of the packaging and bottle looks great anywhere.

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Food & Drink
Rainbow Citrus & Avocado Salad with Juicy Dressing

SweatTheStyle_CitrusSalad_Ingredients Ingredients:
2 navel oranges
2 tangerines
2 blood oranges
2 pink grapefruit
1 meyer lemon, thinly sliced crosswise with the skin on
1 fuerte avocado, peeled, pitted, and thinly sliced
1 shallot, very thinly sliced
¼ c meyer lemon juice
½ c extra virgin olive oil
1 bunch of mizuna
½ c pistachios, shelled, toasted and lightly pounded

SweatTheStyle_CitrusSalad Instructions:
Using a sharp utility or pairing knife cut off the top and bottom of the oranges, blood oranges, and grapefruits so that it sits flat on the cutting board. Cut down the side of each fruit curving the knife to follow its natural line, remove the skin and white pith. Place the fruit on its side and slice crosswise to make pinwheels, about a ¼ inch thick.

Peel the tangerines and with a paper towel gently rub off the pith and pull each piece apart.

To make the juicy dressing, put the meyer lemon juice and any left over juice from all the citrus into a bowl. Slowly whisk in the extra virgin olive oil and season with a pinch of salt.

To assemble the salad, put the citrus, shallots, avocado and mizuna into a large bowl and add a pinch of salt. Pour over the dressing and toss very gently. Layer the ingredients onto a plate and garnish with pistachios.

Recipe x Catty Boom Batty

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AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_15 Rice bran does more than just fill you up….

SweatTheStyle_Tatcha_Polished It’s an active ingredient in Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder. The water activated enzymes gently remove debris and dirt from skin leaving it soft and supple. Natural ingredients like papaya extracts exfoliate skin, green tea extracts protect against UV induced damages, and red algae extracts strengthen skin’s ability to retain moisture. Its powder form makes it easy to travel with when flying.

To use simply pour a teaspoon into wet hands and rub to create a creamy foam. Massage into face for 10-20 seconds and rinse. Feel good knowing that this product does not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and many other unnatural ingredients.

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Roots x Sweat The Style Custom Varsity Jacket

AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_14AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_8AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_7AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_12AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_11AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_20AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_6AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_4AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_1Roots is a Canadian heritage brand known for its incredible integrity and passion for product. Sharing similar values with Sweat The Style was the foundation of this collaboration. Roots makes some of the best constructed and most durable outerwear, fleece, and leather goods in the world.

The Roots x Sweat The Style custom varsity jacket was designed in New York City and handcrafted in Canada with Italian leather and melton wool. The unique chenille hits represent the different values of Sweat The Style: empowerment, strength, love and growth.

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MD Solar Sciences Mineral Beauty Balm


Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur

Put your best face forward… Even when you sweat!
SweatTheStyle_MDSolarSciencesMineralBeautyBalm MD Solar Sciences Mineral Beauty Balm is a tinted SPF 50 UVA-UBA sunscreen that has a lot more to offer than just sun protection. It’s formulated with caffeine to reduce redness as well as powerful antioxidants, this multi-purpose tinted beauty balm provides a matte finish and works to even out skin tone. Whether you’re looking for all day coverage or a pre-workout primp this light-weight formulate goes the extra mile even if you sweat. It’s the perfect addition to your makeup and workout routine since it’s waterproof up to 80 minutes. Feel good knowing that is product is made without parabens, sulphates, allergens, fragrances, animal testing, and many other harmful chemicals traditionally used in foundation and sunscreen.

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Keep Climbing


Jake Rosenberg for The Coveteur

Find a set of stairs, stretch, get to work!
Run up the stairs once.
Do 1 burpee.
Do 1 bench crunch.
Repeat and add 1 rep to each exercise. Keep going till you reach 10!
Even on island time there’s always time to sweat!

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Sweat The Mix

SweatTheStyle_MixV5_EmilyObergMix By: Emily Oberg

1) Interlude: Jay-Z
2) She In My Car: Casey Veggies feat. Dom Kennedy
3) Donald Trump: Raz Fresco
4) Houston Old Head: A$AP Rocky
5) Robes: Freddie Gibbs
6) We Buy Gold: 8Ball feat. MJG & Big K.R.I.T.
7) Come Thru: Drake
8) I Know: Jay-Z feat. Pharrell
9) Cold Pillow: Theophilus London
10) Lucifer: Jay-Z
11) We Major: Kanye West feat. Nas & Really Doe
12) Licorice: MF Doom
13) Bonita Applebum: A Tribe Called Quest
14) Return of the Mack: Mark Morrison
15) Hot Thing: Talib Kweli feat. Will I Am
16) The Palisades: Childish Gambino
17) Beautiful: Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell
18) Keep It Moving: Jeremih feat. Marcus French
19) Wus Good/Curious: PARTYNEXTDOOR
20) Party Life: Jay-Z

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