Sea Urchin

AdrianneHo_Greece_Uni_4AdrianneHo_Greece_Uni_5These spiky creatures can be found at the bottom of the sea and in most Japanese restaurants. Sea urchin a.k.a uni is a delicacy in many cultures….

SweatTheStyle_UniOften eaten raw, sea urchin contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and good non-saturated fats which lower both blood pressure and cholesterol. They are high in protein which is essential to building muscle and keeping energy up, as well as zinc which helps your body heal wounds. Next time you see these don’t be scared, eating a variety of different food diversifies the nutrients absorbed by the body and improves the immune system.

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Food & Drink
Guayaki Yerba Mate

SweatTheStyle_DaniSeitz_Supreme_3SweatTheStyle_DaniSeitz_Supreme_5Yerba mate is a tea from the South American Rain Forests that’s said to increase mental clarity and focus. It contains caffeine like coffee and tea without the bitterness, jitters, and stomach acids that they can cause. Antioxidants found in yerba mate slow down the signs of aging and detoxify the blood.

SweatTheStyle_GuayakiYerbaMate Guayaki bottled Yerba Mate infuses the tea with organic fruit juices for a sweeter refreshing taste. Grab a cold one while you’re on the go and feel good knowing that everything in the bottle is organic, fair trade, and non-GMO.

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Step Up To Get Your Rep Up

AdrianneHo_HoKnowsChina_3Step ups are a functional workout meaning that it’s a range of movement you use everyday. They target thigh and butt muscles so prepare to feel it the next day.
Stand in front of a bench, step, or ledge and get to work.
Do 20 reps on each leg 3 times.
Finish with a short 1 mile run.
For a harder workout try holding weights in each hand.

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Food & Drink
White Sapote

SweatTheStyle_CustardApple White sapote comes from the same plant family as citrus. When it’s ripe it has a sweet taste with similar flavours to coconut, papaya, and pear and a custard like consistency. White sapote is a good source of potassium, vitamin C, iron, fiber, and vitamin A. It’s also been known to help facilitate sleep.
Slice a ripe white sapote up and stick it in the freezer till frozen for an all natural ice cream like snack just before bed.

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