Coola Sport Spray

AdrianneHo_GoshaRubchinskiy_Patchwork-8Stay protected during the unseasonably warm winter…
SweatTheStyle_COOLASPORTSPRAYOn the west coast the heat can sneak up on you even in the winter months. It’s important to apply sunscreen whenever your skin is exposed, especially when being active. Coola Sport Spray is a great organic option that is quick and super easy to apply. Let it dry before activity and it will be incredibly effective. The water-resistant formula with SPF 30 protects against UVA and UVB rays. The natural Piña Colada scent reminds you of summer. It’s important to buy products you really believe in and like. You’ll use them more often if you do. The sun is stronger than it has ever been so don’t forget to stay protected even when the clouds are out on a winter day in L.A.

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