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Compartés Chocolatier

SweatTheStyle_CompartesxPressedJuiceryChocolateHaving a sweet tooth doesn’t mean you need to compromise being fit and healthy. It just means you need to sift through your favorite sweets to weed out the ones that are processed, GMO, and contain unnatural chemicals.

Compartés Chocolates is made from all organic ingredients sourced from the farmers market and is a great option for anyone who has a sweet craving. The company started in 1950 in Los Angeles with the philosophy to create delicious artisan chocolate confections, chocolate truffles and gourmet chocolate bars that are handmade using the freshest and purest ingredients. Everything is made from scratch, using no artificial additives or preservatives.

This bar is a collaboration with Sweat The Style go to Pressed Juicery, made with 75% cacao and is dark and rich. Almonds, dates, and sea salt add a little extra texture and crunch. When a dessert is made really well with the right ingredients you only need a piece to feel satisfied. You can feel good knowing there are no unnatural chemicals that will hook you into overeating and consuming too much white sugars, calories, and preservatives.

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