Sweat The Style x For All To Envy “The Locker Room” Vintage Curation Featuring Aleali May

SweatTheStyle_TheLockerRoom_AlealiMay_Web_1SweatTheStyle_TheLockerRoom_AlealiMay_Web-4SweatTheStyle_TheLockerRoom_AlealiMay_Web-2SweatTheStyle_TheLockerRoom_AlealiMay_Web-3SweatTheStyle_TheLockerRoom_AlealiMay_Web-5SweatTheStyle_TheLockerRoom_AlealiMay_Web-7SweatTheStyle_TheLockerRoom_AlealiMay_Web-6Spring is finally here and it couldn’t have come sooner! We hooked up with the amazing image consultant and blogger Aleali May on the eastside of L.A. to show off some of our new selection of unisex vintage apparel courtesy of For All To Envy. Aleali reps for the west in one-of-a-kind throwback pieces ranging from active Christian Dior to super rare rap tees available exclusively in The Locker Room. Aleali is the embodiment of the Sweat The Style girl, beautiful, strong, healthy, creative, and very stylish.

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Sweat The Style x For All To Envy “The Locker Room” Vintage Curation Featuring Ashley Moore

SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_3SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_5SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_2SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_4 SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_1SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_6SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_8SweatTheStyle_AshleyMoore_7

Today there is more to sweat in The Locker Room than ever before. Luxury vintage athletic wear and high end sportswear pieces for men and women from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, and Nike are highlighted throughout this editorial featuring the gorgeous model and actress Ashley Moore. Get suited up for summer and sweat the style as loud as you can.

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Sweat The Style x For All To Envy “The Locker Room” Vintage Curation Featuring Adrianne Ho

TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_6TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_1TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_3TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_4TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_5TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_2Sweat The Style launches The Locker Room today. A unisex collection of luxury vintage athletic wear and high fashion sportswear curated by For All To Envy available to purchase exclusively here in The Locker Room. The first collection “Ace Of Hearts” focuses on the vibrancy and boldness of late 80’s, early 90’s tennis. A period that encapsulates the attitude, rebelliousness and excitement of Sweat The Style that transcends sport.

Every Thursday new one-of-a-kind premium pieces will be available to purchase. The range includes vintage jackets, polo shirts, sweats, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, hats, bags, and pins for men and women. These very rare and unique items originated on the court and now serve a purpose way more versatile, looking just as good on the streets.

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AdrianneHo_Navajo_6Nike Air Mocs are a modern take on the traditional moccasin. You can slide your foot in and out with the ease of a moccasin yet they have the Nike air sole that takes your comfort to a whole other level. I love they way they look and feel. They are the shoe I go to when I feel like putting on slippers but still want the support and sole of a sneaker. I especially like wearing these when going for a hike or to the beach so I can throw them off and on when I want to dip my toes in the water.

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Visual Journal
Adrianne Ho’s Favorite Spots in Paris Part 1

Eiffel Tower, Le Marais, Jardins des Archives Nationales, Square du Temple, Bing Sutt, Dover Street Market Paris, Brut Vintage Archives, Palais de Tokyo, Wild and the Moon, OFR Bookshop, Boulangerie Utopie, L’As du Fallafel, Pont de l’Alma, Palais Bourbon, and Place Vendôme.

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Sweat the Look
Adrianne Ho Visits LADWP Demonstration Garden

Kapital Rayon Fringe Stole
Post Overalls Engineer’s Jacket DV Vintage Sheeting Indigo
Chopard Happy Hearts 18K Rose Gold and Carnelian Necklace
Vintage Realtree Tree Bark Camo Cargo Pants
Kapital Van Gogh Heather HOBO Stitch Socks
Adidas x Wales Bonner Nylon Fox Brown Samba

Adrianne Ho visits LADWP Demonstration Garden at the John Ferraro Building in downtown Los Angeles. The garden showcases the beauty of drought tolerant plants and educates the public on how to create their gardens.

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