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Queen Of The Court

AdrianneHo_TennisTraining_IG-3 AdrianneHo_TennisTraining_IG-7AdrianneHo_TennisTraining_IG-8With the U.S. Open starting next week in NYC, more and more people are hitting the courts to play tennis. Whether you’re a novice or have been playing for years the benefits of the sport are endless. As someone who has started playing only in the past few years I can personally say that the sport has improved my level of fitness. The quick aerobic movements I do while playing ┬áburns calories and keeps my heart rate up. In addition to cardiovascular health, the game also provides strength training for your legs, arms and upper body while swinging the racket tones the core… talk about a full body workout!

I like to start a session by warming up with a stretch and light jog. Once my body is warmed up I get a feel for the ball by playing half court and then move back to the baseline to work my forehand and backhand. It’s a good idea to have a focused strategy to your workout. Repetition of good form is key to the sport. No matter your level, keep at it and most of all have fun!

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Sweat The Style x For All To Envy “The Locker Room” Vintage Curation Featuring Adrianne Ho

TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_6TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_1TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_3TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_4TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_5TheLockerRoom_AceOfHearts_2Sweat The Style launches The Locker Room today. A unisex collection of luxury vintage athletic wear and high fashion sportswear curated by For All To Envy available to purchase exclusively here in The Locker Room. The first collection “Ace Of Hearts” focuses on the vibrancy and boldness of late 80’s, early 90’s tennis. A period that encapsulates the attitude, rebelliousness and excitement of Sweat The Style that transcends sport.

Every Thursday new one-of-a-kind premium pieces will be available to purchase. The range includes vintage jackets, polo shirts, sweats, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, hats, bags, and pins for men and women. These very rare and unique items originated on the court and now serve a purpose way more versatile, looking just as good on the streets.

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