Sweat The Crew
Abla Ahmed Osman

SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_6SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_5SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_4SweatTheStyle_AlbaAo_3 Canadian born with Somalian heritage, model Abla Ahmed Osman takes her sporty vibe to the streets of New York City. She rocks a Stussy bucket hat while draping an Elvira baseball jersey over her Nike sports bra and capris. Black Nike Air Force 1’s and a checkered Supreme bag take her athletic look and bring it downtown.

Who do you sweat?
What do you sweat?
My negative energy away.
Where do you sweat?
All over my body
When do you sweat?
When I’m physically or mentally challenged.
How do you sweat?
By perspiring.
Why do you sweat?
Because I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve achieved 🙂


Christina Paik

Sweat Abla on her Instagram.

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