Adrianne Ho for The Venom Go By Hyperice

The Venom Go by Hyperice is my new favorite wearable technology. It’s become one of the first items I bring with me as I start my day. It’s super easy to use and offers several settings for different vibration patterns and levels of heat therapy. This allows me to use it in various situations, whether I’m in need of some serious relief to heal an injury or just wanting to add it to my daily practice of well-being. I love that it has bluetooth connectivity to my smart devices by syncing to the Hyperice app. This allows me to connect and access all of my devices in one place. The convenience of the Hyperice Venom technology in travel size really suits my on-the-go lifestyle.” – Adrianne Ho

“As someone who is frequently active, I have added it to my recovery process to enhance my performance when working out. I’ve noticed that since I’ve started using it my recovery time has decreased significantly. It’s also something that is useful to me throughout my day. The sleek and lightweight design allows me to use it discreetly when I’m in need of relaxation and relief. It’s easy to put on my body and remove once I’m finished receiving my heated massage. Although this technology was designed with athletes and wellness enthusiasts in mind, I would recommend it to anyone looking to feel their best and be free from body tension or pain.” – Adrianne Ho

Adrianne photographed in Los Feliz, California for The Venom Go by Hyperice.

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Hyperice Venom Go

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