Luzern Laboratories: Alpine Glacial Toner

AdrianneHo_Watermelon_Greece_5Not everyone woke up like this. Keeping skin strong, fresh, and looking healthy can be a process.
SweatTheStyle_LuzernToner Spraying Luzern Alpine Glacial Toning Mist after cleansing is an easy step to take to keep skin in proper form. The secret is in the ingredients. This spray has been specially formulated to instantly refresh, hydrate and tone skin. Witch hazel increases the skin’s natural healing process while Aloe extracts soothe any irritations. Rosehip seed oil smooths wrinkles and safeguards against ultraviolet radiation. Finally blending these ingredients with antioxidants helps to protect skin from free radical damage, keeping it younger longer. For an extra boost, chill in the refrigerator in between uses to cool dry or tired skin. All ingredients are certified organic.

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