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Avocado benefits

SweatTheStyle_Avocado The avocado is known as the alligator fruit, reflecting its shape and texture – cut it open and it looks like an alligator eye too! Avocados boost the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K as well as certain carotenoids like lycopene and beta-carotene. Add them to a salad for bonus nutrient points. The avocado itself is a great source of lutein, a carotenoid that works as an antioxidant to help protect against eye disease. They often get a bad rap for being too fatty. Not so! The fats in avocados, notably monounsaturated fats, are heart-friendly as they lower the risk of heart disease by reducing lousy cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. By eating just two avocados a week you can improve your skin’s elasticity, boost moisture and may even reduce wrinkles. Just ½ an avocado provides 3.4 g of fiber – this includes both soluble and insoluble fiber which keeps your digestive system running smoothly and you feeling fuller longer.

By: Beata Rydyger BSc RHN, She Lives Clean

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