Health & Wellness
Blue Green Algae

SweatTheStyle_BlueGreenAlgaeBlue Green Algae is typically found in Oregon’s Upper Klamath Lake. There are many health benefits from taking organic algae. Its high level of nutrients make it a powerful energy booster, which can help you push through your workouts. It also has a positive effect on the brain, helping prevent depression. Its high concentration of powerful antioxidants can strengthen the immune system which helps prevent sickness. It’s able to stimulate stem cell movement which aids in the regeneration of body tissues that have been damaged, thus helping your body recover from any toxins, sickness, or viruses. In addition, blue-green algae has very strong detoxifying characteristics and enables the body to more easily cleanse itself. An easy way to reap the benefits of Blue Green Algae is to take them in pill form in the morning.

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