Sweat The Crew
Chanel Johnson

SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_1SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_9SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_6SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_5SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_13SweatTheStyle_ChanelNicole_3Sweat The Style girl Chanel Johnson doesn’t let a little rain get in the way of her morning run through the arts district of downtown. Chanel looks beautiful balancing city and nature in Sweat Crew. Since moving┬áto Los Angeles from the south, she’s become more involved in health, natural beauty and fitness. On days that she’s too busy to run, hike or hit the gym she likes to use the Nike Training App at home by plugging it into her Apple TV for a quick sweat. Rain or shine, Chanel makes time to work on being the best version of herself.

Who do you sweat?
Those who have the courage to follow their dreams.
What do you sweat?
New ways to become a better version of myself and helping others to do the same.
Where do you sweat?
Wherever I can!
When do you sweat?
As often as I can, especially when I need to feel motivated.
How do you sweat?
Using Nike+Training Club’s app and hiking beautiful trails.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat to look and feel great, and to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything.


Dan Hall

Sweat with Chanel on her Instagram.

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