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Emma Atkins

SweatTheStyle_EmmaAtkins_ChristinaPaik_7SweatTheStyle_EmmaAtkins_ChristinaPaikSweatTheStyle_EmmaAtkins_ChristinaPaik_1SweatTheStyle_EmmaAtkins_ChristinaPaik_9SweatTheStyle_EmmaAtkins_ChristinaPaik_4 Model and dancer Emma Atkins from London cruises the streets of uptown New York City. She wears men’s denim shorts from Cheap Monday with a Nike sports bra, a black leather jacket, and triple black Air Max 95’s. Blending the worlds of leather, denim, and active shows that style is never just black and white.

Who do you sweat?
My alter ego.
What do you sweat?
Good energy & excitement.
Bad energy & toxins.
Where do you sweat?
In the spotlight, on stage, at the gym.
When do you sweat?
When training my body or experiencing strong emotions.
How do you sweat?
Through the expression of movement.
Why do you sweat?
To achieve goals & release endorphins.


Christina Paik

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