Four Everyday Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

AdrianneHo_FloridaTennis-3 The type of tea you don’t drink…
SweatTheStyle_Eminence_DesertEssenceTeaTreeOilTea Tree Oil from Desert Essence is an essential oil that originates from Australia. Although it’s toxic when taken orally, it contains properties that naturally kill bacteria, fungus, and mold topically. That’s why it’s commonly used in many skincare products. Here are four everyday uses for Tea Tree Oil:

1. Acne treatment: Tea Tree Oil kills the bacteria that causes pimples to grow. Just use in small quantities on affected area so as to not over dry skin.
2. Manicure/Pedicure Treatment: Add a couple drops to cuticle cream or spray to help heal cracked skin. It also helps ward off fungus in nails which can easily spread during a pedicure or manicure.
3. Scalp Treatment: A few drops of Tea Tree Oil added to shampoo provides additional ammunition to breaking down excess oils and product build up in hair and scalp.
4. Tooth Brush Cleaner: A few drops of Tea Tree Oil on your tooth brush in between brushing helps ward off germs and bacteria from growing in the bristles.

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