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Joanie Del Santo

SweatTheStyle_JoanieDelSanto_Army_8SweatTheStyle_JoanieDelSanto_Army_6SweatTheStyle_JoanieDelSanto_Army_4California beauty, model Joanie Del Santo enjoys the sun, salt air, and sand while she sweats along the Santa Monica boardwalk. She stays stylish and dry in Sweat x Sweat The Style performance apparel with a cool vintage cropped t-shirt. She keeps her body long, lean, and toned by frequenting pilates and barre classes whenever she can.

Who do you sweat?
I sweat out my inner demons and insecurities.
What do you sweat?
I sweat out all that’s happened in a day to start as a blank slate for the next.
Where do you sweat?
I sweat it out at barre class.
When do you sweat?
I sweat anytime I can.
How do you sweat?
I sweat by working through the burn and pushing myself to new heights.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat to create a better me.


Alexandra Gavillet/ Kate Eringer

Sweat with Joanie on her Instagram.

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