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Ksenia Mezenina

SweatTheStyle_KseniaMezenina_SweatCrew-32SweatTheStyle_KseniaMezenina_SweatCrew-33SweatTheStyle_KseniaMezenina_SweatCrew-29Model and Sweat The Style girl Ksenia Mezenina travels a lot for work. She finds time to squeeze in a work out not only to stay in shape but to keep her mind sharp and focused. On the road is when most people lose their training routines but not Ksenia. While in LA the Russian beauty gets a quick sweat on in Sweat Crew.

Who do you sweat?
My wild Russian side.
What do you sweat?
Sweating all the negative energy, anxiety, and stress of everyday life.
Where do you sweat?
On the beach, in nature, and in the studio.
When do you sweat?
At the dawn when the sun goes down.
How do you sweat?
Always pushing myself- Running, squatting, dancing…
Why do you sweat?
To feel alive, to find inner balance, and to take my mind off its constant whirlwind.


Yoon Kim

Sweat with Ksenia on her Instagram, Twitter, and website.

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