NIKE x ModelFit

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Darryl Richardson for Nike Women Summit

It’s all in the name, ModelFit’s mission is to help women develop long lean “model like” muscle while still building strength and enhancing their fitness levels. Combining workout methods like pilates, yoga, balance stability, and functional training with the use of light weights and sliding disks, a one hour workout will be sure to create a slow burn in muscles you didn’t know existed. The studio also offers appointments with a nutritionist and wellness counselor¬†and has a cold press juice and prepared foods section.

Start with a stretch.
15 minutes of yoga holding weights.
15 minutes of Pilates holding weights and with weights strapped on to legs.
20 weighted crunches with each hand aiming to the right, centre, and left side of body.
15 backwards lunges using the sliding disks on each leg while holding a weight. Slide legs back to the right, centre, and left side of the body for each set.
Finish with a stretch.

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