Rituel de Fille Eye Soot

SweatTheStyle_RituelDeFilleDuring the summer months there is something so great about a fresh tan, glowing skin and having to wear minimal make up. So when it’s time to hit the town in the evening the goal is to wear make up that can give you amazing highlights without looking too made up.

Rituel de Fille is a new vision for beauty inspired by a unique aesthetic using natural ingredients. Their products are made with pure pigments + oils, & does not contain any waxes, so it will never melt with the warmth of your skin! All Rituel De Fille products are 99% natural & handcrafted without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes & synthetic fragrances.

Rituel’s Eye Soot is especially amazing as its velvety texture does not crease and is specially created for long wear and therefore will not smear due to heat or sweat. Whether you’re using this product as an eye liner to make your eyes pop or as a shadow to add depth to the eye the Rituel de Fille eye soot is a great way to accentuate your summer glow!

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