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SweatTheStyle_SiovanHopeRoss_5SweatTheStyle_SiovanHopeRoss_3 SweatTheStyle_SiovanHopeRoss_7SweatTheStyle_SiovanHopeRoss_1Sweat The Style girl model Siovan Hope-Ross is no stranger to having to be comfortable in her own skin. Growing up in the Caribbean she’s spent a lot of time in a bikini and now you can often find her modeling lingerie and swimwear. Today she’s running through NYC wearing Sweat x Sweat The Stye beanie and Tech sports bra, gold Nike Huaraches, and Low Classic Korea skirt. Even when splitting her time between New York, Toronto, and St. Maarten she sets time aside to focus on herself so she can enjoy food and feel good about herself.

Who do you sweat?
I sweat Nike on my feet and Lululemon and Adidas on my tits. 
What do you sweat?
A good sports bra with support and style and cool kicks. Air Max and Huaraches are rotating right now.
Where do you sweat?
Gym, outdoors stairs, hills, and studios (pilates, Legree).
When do you sweat?
Late mornings, early afternoon but nothing can happen before my first coffee. I also love sweating under the sun.
How do you sweat?
Love to do body weight exercises i.e jump lunges, jump squats, bosu ball work, and planks. At the studio I work on pilates and high intensity pilates.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat because I ALWAYS feel accomplished and stronger afterwards. I also  like to know that I can wear and fit into pretty much anything. My job as a model requires me to be fit, toned, and have a great figure (toned booty, arms, and abs). Last but not least after I workout I don’t feel guilty about enjoying the second love of my life: food!


Christina Paik

Sweat through the city with Siovan on her Instagram.

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