Stance Fusion Athletic Campaign

SweatTheStyle_StanceSweatTheStyle_Stance4 SweatTheStyle_Stance2 SweatTheStyle_Stance3“Gone are the days when models posed quietly with waifish frames in front of the lens. Today, model must also be athlete, a living hyperbole of strength, health, and endurance, much like our newest muse Adrianne Ho. Strikingly beautiful in that indefinable way thanks to her half-French, half-Chinese heritage, the Toronto native was plucked from obscurity and thrown into the world of international modeling. But in an industry as finicky and fleeting as modeling, Ho is redefining what endurance means for a model by morphing into a sharply focused businesswoman at the helm of a healthy living revolution. Her brand, Sweat the Style, is a positive platform for fitness and athletic fashion. Not that all this fierce determination gets in the way of her self-aware sense of humor (her Twitter profile asks you to “Follow a Ho!”) which makes Adrianne a truly uncommon athlete.” – Stance

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