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Health & Wellness
Salt Water

SweatTheStyle_AleKirn_Myk_Rolex_6ASweatTheStyle_AleKirn_Myk_Rolex_4A We have all heard of the amazing healing properties of the sea. The benefits of the sea salt are endless: cosmetically, internally, and spiritually. One of the most powerful effects is the salt waters ability to reduce acidity by alkalizing your cells. It also helps to detoxify the body by improving blood circulation and flushing out toxins from its pores. So swim, to detoxify, revitalize, and beautify.

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Sweat The Crew
Alessandra Kirn

SweatTheStyle_AleKirn_Myk_Rolex_1ASweatTheStyle_AleKirn_Myk_Rolex_2ASweatTheStyle_AleKirn_Myk_Rolex_3ASweatTheStyle_AlessandraKirn_Myk_6SweatTheStyle_AleKirn_Myk_Rolex_5ASweat The Style girl model Alessandra Kirn summers in the Aegean spending her days swimming, diving, hiking. Today she sticks to the bare essentials as she takes a dip in the Mediterranean Sea wearing vintage Cutler And Gross sunglasses, a vintage submariner Rolex, L* Space bikini, with an Hermes towel. Growing up in Europe and spending her summers in Ibiza has made Alessandra a child of the sea. She finds her healthy balance by keeping a MediterraneanĀ diet and staying active in her surroundings.

Who do you SWEAT?
My 6 year old self.
What do you SWEAT?
I sweat the sea.
Where do you SWEAT?
Everywhere and anywhere.
When do you SWEAT?
In the morning. I love the mornings for exercise, nights are for other thingsā€¦
How do you SWEAT?
An active lifestyle depending on my current surroundings. I like to embrace the nature and culture that I am in.
Why do you SWEAT?
To embrace my inner child.

Soak in the sun with Sweat The Style girl Alessandra Kirn on her Instagram.

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