Sweat the Look
Sweat The Style x Stance “Cheetah”

AdrianneHo_stance_cheetahThe newest edition to the Sweat The Style x Stance collaboration has arrived!AdrianneHo_stance_cheetah-5AdrianneHo_stance_cheetah-3Monochromatic cheetah jacquard is woven into 80/20 moisture wicking fibers and breathable performance mesh, taking your sock game one step further. Graphic logo hits are adorned in 3M reflection to keep you safe and stylish.AdrianneHo_stance_cheetah-2The perfect blend of functionality and fashion, the new style can be found at retail and Stance.com

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Sweat the Look
NikeLab Muse Exhibition Directed By Jake Davis Virtual Tour

A virtual tour for those that couldn’t make it to NikeLab X158 in Shanghai for the MUSE exhibition directed by Jake Davis.

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Nike_Muse_T-shirt Nike_Muse_Tote_Black Nike_Muse_Tote_Pink Nike_Muse_Postcards_ChopsticksNike_Muse_Poster_2 Nike_Muse_Poster_1Nike_Muse_ZineSweat The Style collaborated with NikeLab on gallery merchandise as part of the MUSE exhibition directed by Jake Davis showing on the second floor of X158 in Shanghai. The display installation includes a limited edition Adrianne Ho portrait t-shirt, posters, postcards, zine, tote bags and chopsticks.

NikeLab X158
158 Xinle Road

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NikeLab Muse Exhibition Featuring Adrianne Ho Directed By Jake Davis

nikelab_museexhibition-01nikelab_museexhibition-02nikelab_museexhibition-3nikelab_museexhibition-04nikelab_museexhibition-05nikelab_museexhibition-6nikelab_museexhibition-06nikelab_museexhibition-07nikelab_museexhibition-08nikelab_museexhibition-9nikelab_museexhibition-10nikelab_museexhibition-12nikelab_museexhibition-11nikelab_museexhibition-13nikelab_museexhibition-14 nikelab_museexhibition-15 nikelab_museexhibition-16 nikelab_museexhibition-17NikeLab X158 presents MUSE, an exhibition of new work featuring Adrianne Ho, directed by Jake Davis. MUSE explores the contemporary relationship between artist and subject through the language and elements central to pop, video and conceptual art. By taking Adrianne Ho’s private world offline and into a time capsule, Jake Davis immerses the spectator in an interactive discovery of muse in a digital age.

The exhibition is now open from January 6th to February 6th featuring Adrianne’s bed installation, personal relics, polaroids, and video screen tests. NikeLab and Sweat The Style collaborated on exclusive gallery merch only available in Shanghai. The limited capsule collection includes a portrait t-shirt, tote bags, polaroid zine, posters, postcards and chopsticks. A one-of-a-kind Air Force One and basketball emblazoned with the exhibition graphic were also created exclusively for the event.

NikeLab X158
158 Xinle Road

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Sweat The Crew
Lisa Dillon

SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon-2 SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon-4Sweat The Style girl, model Lisa Dillon soaks in the Malibu sun in a custom Sweat T-shirt so she can show a little more skin on the beach. Here are a few personal words from her about how she fell in love with an active lifestyle…

“I used to HATE working out. I felt like it was a chore and I didn’t think it was important because I was naturally thin. Boy was I wrong… working out saved my life! Before I started hitting the gym I had very low self-esteem and didn’t think I had it in me to become a successful model. I was at a low point in my life and my boyfriend was the one who really pushed me to make the change into a healthier lifestyle. I knew I had to push myself mentally before I could start being active physically. With the help of my boyfriend, I convinced myself that I am good enough and I am capable of being confident and successful.

I joined a gym for the first time in my life and never looked back. Now, I have a body that I didn’t think I was capable of having. My self-esteem shot up and I have never been happier. I’m now signed with great agencies, coast to coast and have worked with some amazing clients.

I encourage anyone that is struggling with self-esteem issues to make the change to a healthy, active lifestyle. I want everyone to feel the way that working out has made me feel! Everyone deserves to feel confident and happy. Even if these words only motivate a single person, I would be thrilled! Today is the day to start the journey to the life you’ve always wanted, NOTHING is out of reach!”

Who do you sweat?
I sweat myself!
What do you sweat?
I sweat all my worries away.
Where do you sweat?
I sweat at the gym and at the beach!
When do you sweat?
I sweat 5 days a week, consistency is key!
How do you sweat?
Some of my favorite ways to sweat include hot yoga, incline exercises and weight lifting.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat because it makes me feel great! Gotta love those endorphins.SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon-3

Adrianne Ho

Get inspired to Sweat with Lisa on her Instagram and Snapchat (@Lisaaaa_4)

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