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Becoming By Cindy Crawford

SweattheStyle_BecomingCindyCrawford_BookCindy Crawford is the ultimate woman. She’s beautiful, stylish, and incredibly smart. Each chapter of her new book Becoming represents certain milestones throughout her career as she advanced from being a young girl from Illinois, to the world’s biggest supermodel and a savy business woman.
What’s great about this book is that each chapter has a lesson that can be applied to everyone’s life, like how important it is to stick to your guns or why we should think long term when making decisions, not just momentary. All these stories are wrapped within the setting of the 90’s fashion industry and behind the scenes of some of the most iconic images of the model in the world.
A great read for any Sweat The Style girl, this book is entertaining, motivating, and enlightening. As we’re all on our own journey of Becoming, it’s great to have a little guidance. When that direction is entertaining as well, then you have a great story. Thank you, Cindy.

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