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Food & Drink
The Squeeze

SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_6SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_7In the midst of all the New York Fashion Week madness Christina Ionno sips on Raw Gingerade from The Squeeze Juice Truck with an acai booster. Made with alkaline water, ginger, lemon, agave, and aloe vera, it detoxifies and hydrates while the acai booster adds antioxidants and energy for her busy day. A fast and easy way to reset staying focused and strong while running around the city. The Squeeze Juice Truck can be found all around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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Sweat The Crew
Christina Ionno

SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_8SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_3SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_2SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_5SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_4Sweat The Style girl, Christina Ionno’s training style combines her rock and roll attitude with a feminine sensibility. Today she sports an elegant pink sports bra, a ballet style bun with Props workout gloves, Asics sneakers, and Nike printed tights. While modeling for several years has given Christina experience staying in shape, she likes to set goals outside of herself to keep motivated. This September she is completing a 100 mile bike ride in New York City to support Vision Zero, a cause close to her heart.

Who do you SWEAT?
People that push me out of my comfort zone and teach me something new.
What do you SWEAT?
Adrenaline, bad vibes, aggression, stress, or negative thoughts.
Where do you SWEAT?
Absolutely anywhere that I can – boxing studio, dance class, the dance floor, my bedroom, the great outdoors… everywhere, you name it!
When do you SWEAT?
Preferably in the morning soon after waking up, but I’ll always make the time, even if it’s just walking from A to B in the city. That counts!
How do you SWEAT?
To really LOUD metal music. Lots of cardio mixed with pilates and yoga to balance out the body and mind. I love a little healthy competition – experimenting with group classes that take me to my limit and go way past it. Any exercise that makes me walk out feeling sweaty and proud.
Why do you SWEAT?
To feel confident, stay in shape for my job, stabilize my moods, to look good in the nude, feel strong, to gain energy, and because it’s fun!

SweatTheStyle_ChristinaIonno_6 Rock with Christina on her Instagram, Twitter, and support her while she rides for Vison Zero.

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