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Sweat The Crew
Hayley Phelan

SweatTheStyle_HayleyPhalan-4SweatTheStyle_HayleyPhalanSweatTheStyle_HayleyPhalan-5SweatTheStyle_HayleyPhalan-6SweatTheStyle_HayleyPhalan-2Acclaimed writer and editor Hayley Phelan is the definition of a true Sweat The Style girl. She’s stylish, smart, and always on the go, whether she’s traveling on assignment or splitting her time between New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Hayley finds writing and exercise to be great counterparts to one another. She loves to go for a run or long walk through New York City when she’s having trouble finding the words that come to her once she gets her sweat on. A self-proclaimed exercise dilettante she counteracts her solitary and stationary days writing with diving into a variety of different classes and workout routines. Yoga, Muay Thai, and running are some of her favs. At the end of the day Hayley’s biggest motivator is remembering how good she feels after a nice, long workout.

Who do you sweat?
What do you sweat?
Mostly alcohol.
Where do you sweat?
New York, Toronto, L.A.
When do you sweat?
Usually in the PM. AM’s not my vibe.
How do you sweat?
Running, Muay Thai, yoga, weight-lifting, being five minutes late all the time & rushing.
Why do you sweat?
To stay sane.

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