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Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant

sweatthestyle_lavanila_deoderant_The time to sweat is upon us! Whether you’re active or enjoying a summer day it’s natural to sweat, and most of us do. It’s important to not only find the right deodorant that keeps you fresh, but one that is safe and healthy for your body. Lavanilla’s healthy deodorant is just that!

Made of all natural ingredients, Lavanilla is freshly scented and provides superior, long-lasting odor protection! It’s also clinically tested, dermatologist recommended and has no trace of aluminum, paraben, propylene or harsh chemicals. The biggest concern with antiperspirants that do include these ingredients is their potential for causing serious health risks, including cancer.

Lavanila’s approach to deodorant is not only making sure you stay fresh, but also that your underarm skin is smooth! Packed with soothing essential oils and powerful anti-oxidants it not only protects but nourishes, strengthens, and keeps your underarm skin as healthy looking and feeling as ever. What more could you ask for from a deodorant!

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