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Adrianne Ho for Hyperice Venom & Hypersphere

“After a good workout it’s common to wake up sore and stiff the next day. That’s why the Hyperice Venom Back is the perfect thing to get my day started. With its advanced heating technology and different vibration patterns, I’m able to put it on and let it get to work on loosening up my muscles and relaxing my core. Since it’s hands free, I’m able to do the things I need to do or just sit down and relax while it works on my recovery. It’s also great to use right before a workout or sport to get you loosened up and ready. It’s portable so I’m able to bring it with me wherever I go. The Hyperice Venom Back helps me feel my best so I can stay active.” – Adrianne Ho

“Some days my muscles are so sore after physical activity that I need immediate relief. That’s why I love the Hyperice Hypersphere. This portable recovery device is small enough to toss in my bag and bring with me to work out. Whether I’m sore going into my workout or after, the Hypersphere works deep on my muscles to loosen them up and relieve stress. It’s like having a deep-tissue massage anytime, anywhere. Technology that Hyperice developed allows me to recover and perform at my very best.” – Adrianne Ho

Adrianne Ho for Hyperice photographed by Frankie Marin in West Hollywood, California.

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