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Daily Soft Skin Scrub

AdrianneHo_Patagonia_Snow_3Cozy days are the days you especially want to have soft skin. My routine to soften and moisturize my skin is all natural, fast, easy, and gentle enough to do daily. 

After a hot shower when your skin has softened from the steam and warm water, wash your face with Dr. Bronners Castille Soap and then lightly scrub with a loofah pad. When your face is still wet mix Jojoba oil with a drop of Neroli oil and massage into skin. Only put these type of oils on while your skin is still wet because your open pores will absorb the moisture and oils evenly and fully nourish your skin.

Sweatthestyle_SoftenSkin_BeautyLoofah Pad: Eco Tools
Soap: Dr. Bronners
Neroli Oil: Acura Cacia
Jojoba Oil: Desert Essence 

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