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Sweat The Crew
Lindsey Hoover

SweatTheStyle_LindseyHoover_7SweattheStyle_LindseyHoover_-2SweattheStyle_LindseyHoover_-5SweattheStyle_LindseyHoover_-4SweattheStyle_LindseyHoover_1We caught up with Lindsey Hoover in Nolita between classes at The New School in NYC hanging at the Noah shop. Lindsey balances her studies with modeling shoots and always staying healthy. She’s a huge yoga enthusiast traveling the globe. She effortlessly kills it wearing vintage jeans, Sweat Crew Wild Roses jersey, Noah Wool Teddy Hat, and Vans. Fun, understated, and active, Lindsey is the definition of laid back cool.

Who do you sweat?
Henry Miller.
What do you sweat?
Only the big stuff.
Where do you sweat?
The concrete jungle.
When do you sweat?
Mornings. Always.
How do you sweat?
Running, running, Tracy Anderson, running, yoga… Lol.
Why do you sweat?
Technically this is why http://www.antiperspirantsinfo.com/en/all-about-sweat/why-do-we-sweat.aspx …but I mainly sweat because it’s therapeutic.

Get to know Lindsey on her Instagram.

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Sweat The Mix
Hooves Mix V. 4

SweatTheMix_V4_HoovesMix by: Lindsey Hoover

1) Beyonce: Flawless (Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)
2) Hudson Mohawke: Thunder Bay
3) Missy Elliott: Gossip Folks
4) Boys Noize: Trooper
5) Huey: Pop, Lock, & Drop It
6) Die Antwoord: I Fink U Freeky
7) Daft Punk: One More Time
8) ‘N Sync: Digital Get Down
9) OutKast: Ms. Jackson
10) Minilogue: The Leopard ( Extrawelt Remix)
11) 50 Cent Ft. Justin Timberland: Ayo Technology
12) M.I.A: Bad Girls
13) Crazy Town: Butterfly
14) Jay Z: My 1st Song

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