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Sweat The Mix
Emile Haynie “We Fall”

SweatTheStyle_WeFall_EmileHaynie_1“I can only hope to slip away from the thought, causing all my pain, that I was never quite enough for you. And I will fight my way I know to the other side, where you don’t even matter no more.” It’s a simple line yet incredibly complex and layered much like the incredible debut from Sweat The Style friend, superproducer Emile Haynie. On the surface you would be hard-pressed not to hear a Haynie track or influence in the modern sonic landscape that is pop music at any particular point of your day. If you close your eyes and listen closely… that is indeed one of his songs blasting at your Soul Cycle cool down right now from SoHo to Sunset.
SweatTheStyle_WeFall_EmileHaynie_2Much like the journey of self discovery, Emile has tapped into the ethos that is modern success… “I’m going to do something incredible because you don’t think I’m good enough.” A combative, confusing, and complicated downtown NYC romance (like we’ve all had) inspired Haynie to push himself to make the most inspired album of the year.

SweatTheStyle_WeFall_EmileHaynie_3Good music motivates us. It’s the soundtrack to our lives. At times it is everything. In most ways we are all fighting to get to the other side… Never completely satisfied with our accomplishments, whether personal or professional. And Emile has found a collaborative (working with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, Charlotte Gainsbourg, among others) and catalytic way to help us fight to the other side. Without pain there is no gain… And if we want to rise, inevitably, sometimes first… “We Fall.”

Get Emile Haynie’s “We Fall” on iTunes and listen to a few of the tracks on SoundCloud.

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