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Rose Petals Rosewater Spray

AdrianneHo_Supreme_Levis_ForalDenimJacket-5¬†Imagine your skin feeling refreshed, dewey, and radiant within a few seconds…
SweatTheStyle_HeritageStore_RoseWaterRose Petals Rosewater Spray does this and much more! Aside from being able to experience the amazing floral scent of real roses anytime, Rosewater is truly versatile. Use as a perfume, body splash, all natural toner, or add to your hair rinse or bath water.

You can also combine with therapeutic oils to make your own unique complexion formula. Rosewater helps maintain the skin’s pH balance and controls excess oil that can sometimes be caused by different climate changes. A few sprays throughout your day is guaranteed to help you look and feel calm naturally while reducing skin inflammation and refreshing your make up.

Rosewater can also be very beneficial when it comes to traveling. It helps hydrate, revitalize and moisturize the skin giving it that refreshed look as flights can often cause your skin to become dehydrated. Throw this spray in your gym bag or beach bag to ensure your skin stays happy everyday this summer!

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Rose Water

SweatTheStyle_Roses Rose water not only smells amazing but it’s also good for your skin. It prevents inflammation and soothes irritated skin while lightly moisturizing. This natural rose water recipe can be lightly sprayed all over to freshen up after a hot sweaty workout.
Roses: 6 Cups Of Rose Petals
Water: 1 Litre

SweatTheStyle_RoseWater_1 Instructions:
Place the fresh petals into a saucepan. Pour in the water and boil for 15 minutes. Let cool and pour water through a strainer to remove petals. Bottle water and keep in refrigerator.

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