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Break a Sweat with Beach Volleyball

AdrianneHo_SolidandStripes_Sweat-3AdrianneHo_SolidandStripes_Sweat-2 AdrianneHo_SolidandStripes_SweatWith the 2016 Olympic games approaching we can all be sure to be amazed by the toned and sculpted bodies of the women players in the Beach Volleyball competition! Playing sports on the beach is always an amazing workout and playing volleyball on the beach is truly one of the best workouts you can get.

AdrianneHo_SolidandStripes_Sweat-4According to Harvard Medical School, beach volleyball burns calories quickly! A 155-pound person will burn 298 calories during a half-hour game of beach volleyball. This sport is also a great way to build and strengthen many muscle groups throughout your body. Beach volleyball uses every part of your body. You use your arms, shoulders and chest to spike and serve the volleyball, your legs running through the sand, and your core to stay balanced as you do each move, truly making it a full body workout! Lastly let’s not forget the best reason to get involved in a game of beach volleyball game, it’s fun!

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The Stairway to Fitness

AdrianneHo_IvyPark-6Sometimes the tools we need to workout are right in front of our face…
AdrianneHo_IvyPark-7 AdrianneHo_IvyPark-8In this case that would be stairs. Most people have access to stairs, which can be used as an excellent source for exercise! Incorporating stair climbing into your exercise routine is not only beneficial for fat-burning but can also give you amazing strength-building results. One of the main benefits of stair climbing is it’s natural ability to increase the muscle mass of your quadriceps and calves. The motion also gives you a slight upper body workout by pumping your arms, but if you add weights, you can increase the upper body benefits.

Studies have shown that a short, high-intensity exercise is just as effective at improving your fitness goals as doing cardio at a long, low-intensity. So whether you have stairs in your home, job, or at your local park, it’s time to grab some dumbbells and hit the nearest steps to challenge yourself to an awesome full body workout!

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Kaitlyn’s Speed Ladder Drill

SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_12We all get bored with our workout routines from time to time. It’s important to change it up and challenge yourself by trying something new. Your body will thank you for it. The Speed Ladder Drill is traditionally used for soccer training but the benefits apply to everyone. The purpose of this drill is to improve footwork which will increase quickness, agility, and coordination.

SweatTheStyle_KaitlynFitzpatrick_8Focus on form and then increase speed. Weave feet in and out of the ladder before moving forward. Push off the balls of your feet (not the toes), pump your hands from shoulder height to hips, keep your elbows at 90 degrees. Don’t forget to keep your body relaxed, straight, and always look forward.
Be sure to warm up with a short jog and a stretch.

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Skip a workout STS 2
Skipping rope is one of my favourite forms of cardio because I can do it anytime, anywhere, and all in one location. It’s both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, meaning that it’s good for your lungs and cardiovascular system and it’s also a weight baring exercise that will improve muscle tone in arms and legs. It also burns as many calories as running which is always a good thing!

A good test to see if you have the right size jump rope is to place one foot in the center of the rope and lift the handles, they shouldn’t go past your armpits.

Skip a workout STS 3
2 mile warm up run to Sunset Junction and back.
Followed by 30 minutes of jump rope, alternating between landing on each foot and both.
Blasted “Survival” knowing I would survive.

Rope and Beats
Headphones: PowerBeats by Dr.Dre ‘Sport’
Rope: Everlast

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