Health & Wellness
The Benefits of Zinc

AdrianneHo_LaMerNoire_ZincMany of you may already be aware that Zinc is the safest option when it comes to protecting yourself 100% from potentially harmful and cancerous UV rays and is often referred to as the best natural sunscreen ingredient available.

What you may not know are the additional benefits Zinc has to offer in regards to protecting your skin. Zinc does not breakdown in sunlight, it’s not usually absorbed (so it does not disrupt the body’s hormones), is not allergenic and is more effective at blocking UVA rays than non-minerals. While Zinc can protect your skin from damaged tissue and premature aging it can also heal skin conditions such as blemishes, acne, scares, and rashes.

With your skin being your biggest organ, it’s important to ensure it’s properly regenerated and healed once an injury or issue occurs. With all of these benefits Zinc is a healthier alternative to chemical sunblock and an amazing healing attribute to ensuring the wellness of your skin, making it a go-to for the warm seasons.

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