Shutters Beach House Suite

AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-8 When it comes to relaxation there are many ways to give yourself a break from the everyday hustle and bustle…
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-6Shutters On The Beach is an amazing beach front hotel in Santa Monica, California that feels like it has been transplanted right from the northeast. The hotel sits on a 26-mile palm tree-lined beachside path that cuts through the sand and is truly a beautiful sight!AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-7The guest rooms are reminiscent of those found in a beachside bed-and-breakfast that you may only find in Cape Cod, Nantucket, or The Hamptons. The $5,500 a night Beach House Suite (featured) is especially amazing with stellar views and a spacious layout that highlights an elegant, luxurious and sophisticated design element.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-5 The coastal cottage has incredible amenities include a jacuzzi, in-room library, entertainment center, balcony and fireplaces.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-9The suite is adorned with a just-the-right curated collection of East meets West books, art, and accoutrement.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-3Whether you’re starting your day with a run, bike ride on the boardwalk, yoga on the beach or an early morning swim it will feel like the perfect in-town escape.  AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-4 Every inch of Shutters is designed to unwind — whether you’re on the patio enjoying the sights on the beach, or in the lobby which reminds us of an oversized living room with several areas of extra comfy couches and fireplaces with that perfect touch of yesteryear.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-2Shutters is the perfect treat for a quick getaway for some must needed r & r and California sun. The perfect home away from home.
AdrianneHo_ShuttersOnTheBeach-1Bikini: Victoria’s Secret
Striped Parka: Supreme

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The Importance Of The Warm Down

SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-27 SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-29Sometimes the first thing we want to do post-workout is hit the nearest market or juice spot and grab a smoothie, yet it’s important to take a few minutes to stretch your muscles and warm down…
SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-28 During a workout, muscles contract and small tears occur in muscle fibers. It’s important to stretch in order to repair these tears.SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-24 During a workout, muscles contract and small tears occur in muscle fibers. It’s important to stretch in order to repair these tears. Some of the obvious reasons for stretching would be to prevent soreness, yet there are other reasons that are significant for your fitness goals and overall health. SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-23 Post-workout your muscles are better prepared for stretching due to your tissue being more flexible, making the muscles less prone to injury. Stretching can also help relax your muscles while your heart rate returns to normal.SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-22SweatTheStyle_BrittanyBergmeister-21If your goal is increased flexibility; post-workout stretching is very important. Loosening the tight muscles will not only improve your flexibility; but also your strength, endurance and aid overall recovery. Remember to also keep your body hydrated and take the time to center yourself. Appreciate what you’ve just accomplished and your body will thank you for it.

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The Benefits of Zinc

AdrianneHo_LaMerNoire_ZincMany of you may already be aware that Zinc is the safest option when it comes to protecting yourself 100% from potentially harmful and cancerous UV rays and is often referred to as the best natural sunscreen ingredient available.

What you may not know are the additional benefits Zinc has to offer in regards to protecting your skin. Zinc does not breakdown in sunlight, it’s not usually absorbed (so it does not disrupt the body’s hormones), is not allergenic and is more effective at blocking UVA rays than non-minerals. While Zinc can protect your skin from damaged tissue and premature aging it can also heal skin conditions such as blemishes, acne, scares, and rashes.

With your skin being your biggest organ, it’s important to ensure it’s properly regenerated and healed once an injury or issue occurs. With all of these benefits Zinc is a healthier alternative to chemical sunblock and an amazing healing attribute to ensuring the wellness of your skin, making it a go-to for the warm seasons.

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Eminence Bright Skin Masque

AdrianneHo_SweatTheStyle_Wings_Supreme_Nike-6SweatTheStyle_EminenceBrightSkinMaskWe’ve all had those morning where we wake up and our skin looks a little stressed. In this moment we reach for our favorite facial product to save the day! The bright skin masque by Eminence has all of the ingredients you need to restore your skin. With powerful antioxidants this masque fights off the appearance of uneven pigmentation and reduces the appearance of dark spots. The result is ultra moisturized and radiant looking skin! With all natural organic ingredients these hand-made products are effective and extremely healing. Rich in vitamins, active ingredients and nutrients, Eminence products will give you immediate results that you will see and feel.

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Sweat the Look
Adrianne Ho Summer Feature With H&M

cq5dam-2.web.1920.1280You know those healthy-lifestyle-Instagrammers who only make you feel bad? The ones who make you secretly wish they would choke on their chia pudding? Model and fitness fashion entrepreneur Adrianne Ho is not one of them. She actually manages to promote an active lifestyle in a way that only makes you feel inspired. Inspired to sweat, inspired to eat yummy food, inspired to wear all the coolest streetwear styles.
JUNB1-16-GIF-Adrienne-HoFounder of, a website and brand dedicated to ”natural beauty and positive health,” Adrianne Ho is now expanding her brand into television – she is currently filming season one of Sweat the City, where she interviews leaders in the food/fitness/fashion community. We asked Adrianne to join our cast of smart, inspiring girls and model our favourite swimwear for summer.cq5dam-1.web.1920.1280

What does being fit mean to you?
Being fit is when you find that balance when you eat food that you love, which tastes good and is the best quality possible so that you nurture yourself – and when you find an activity that you love. Being fit is about living a life that you enjoy. Your goal should be to have fun, feel active or get better at something instead of working out just to lose five pounds – because that is the worst feeling in the world.

Was it hard to stay body positive when you started modeling?
It was, in the beginning, for sure. In the industry they really measure the inches around your waist, your hips… it is a lot about genetics. So it’s difficult. But lately I find that with social media, with Sweat The Style, I can put out images of myself that represent who I am, more than just the measurements on my comp card.

Social media is such a great opportunity for people to get their voice out there. Ten years ago you had to jump through all these hoops that the industry created. Now you can create your own brand, make your personality shine through.cq5dam-3.web.1920.1280When do you feel the most beautiful?
After a workout. I am sweating, the endorphins are kicking in, and I am really proud of accomplishing what I wanted for the past hour.

What do you love most about your body?
What’s cool is how much your body is capable of. You don’t realize how far you can push yourself, and then you’re like – ‘wow, I can really do all these things!’ Or how your body can heal really fast, build muscle or just adapt to whatever you put it through.

How do you want to feel when you put your swimsuit on?
I just want to feel confident. Having to try on bathing suits is always a little bit nerve-racking. The best feeling is when you don’t even think about being in a bathing suit, you’re just in the moment, having fun.

What’s your favorite summer memory?
I grew up in Toronto, and it’s usually so cold. So when summer comes, everyone goes out, celebrating. I remember just being so happy that I could finally wear shorts. So just that – riding my bike around the city in Toronto.

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Food & Drink
Doctor In The Kitchen Flackers Flax Seed Crackers

SweatTheStyle_DoctorInTheKitchen_FlaxCrakersA healthy crunchy snack is always a great way to stay full without sacrificing flavor! Flackers are a delicious, super healthy, gluten free flax seed cracker. Made with ingredients such as organic apple cider vinegar and organic rosemary these crackers are sprouted making them easier to chew, digest and absorb.

Doctor In The Kitchen® was created by Alison Levitt M.D., a holistic medical doctor and Donn Kelly, a seasoned food marketer. The core values of the brand include encouraging peak health, enhancing vitality and optimizing your body’s function. Flackers are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure that all the nutrients, including the omega-3s and important enzymes remain vitalized and stable. A great raw snack to enjoy at time!

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