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Rosemary Watermelon Salad

SweatTheStyle_WatermelonSalad_1 Ingredients:
Watermelon: 4 Cups, sliced in cubes
Feta Cheese: 2 Ounces
Rosemary: 1 Tbsp
Shallot: 1/2 Thinly sliced
Sea Salt: A pinch to taste
Olive Oil: 3 Tbsp or to taste

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, chill, and serve.

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Refreshing Rosemary Watermelon Water

SweatTheStyle_WatermelonWater_Ingredients Ingredients:
Seedless Watermelon: 1 Small
Rosemary: 4 Fresh Sprigs
Lemon: 3 Slices
Honey: 1 Tbsp
Ice: 1 Cup
Filtered Water: 4 Cups

SweatTheStyle_WatermelonWater2 Instructions:
Chop watermelon into cubes. Crush a quarter of the watermelon cubes in a measuring cup until it’s watery and slushy, pour juice through a strainer into a water pitcher. Add ice, lemon slices, honey, rosemary, and the rest of the watermelon cubes. Let sit for a few hours, stir, and serve. The longer it sits the stronger the flavour.

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