Sweat The Crew
Christina Paik

SweatTheStyle_ChristinaPaik_Studio_9SweatTheStyle_ChristinaPaik_Studio_11SweatTheStyle_ChristinaPaik_Studio_8 SweatTheStyle_ChristinaPaik_Studio_6SweatTheStyle_ChristinaPaik_Studio_10Most of you are no stranger to the work of Sweat The Style girl photographer Christina Paik. She splits her time between Paris and New York where she keeps her self busy shooting numerous campaigns and editorials for top fashion magazines and brands including, Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, High Snobiety, and Sweat The Style. Growing up as a competitive figure skater instilled her with the work ethic that comes with daily training that she later applied to her craft. Today she stays cozy in her studio wearing A Bathing Ape crew neck, The Haute Pursuit’s sweater skirt, and Nike Inneva Woven Sneakers.

Who do you sweat?
What do you sweat?
The good & the bad. Excitement & stress.
Where do you sweat?
In the studio and by the Seine.
When do you sweat?
In the mornings to start the day right!
How do you sweat?
Oh bikram definitely gets me hot.
Why do you sweat?
To stay away from my phone and work.


Steven Irby

Take a peek in a day in Christina Paik’s shoes on her instagram and twitter.

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