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Cucumber Spa Water

SweatTheStyle_CucumberWaterCucumber Spa Water naturally cools down the body during summer heat. Antioxidants and detoxifying properties keep your skin clear and is really good for digestion. Plus it’s easy to make, inexpensive, and looks great in a glass carafe at the table.
Cucumber: 1 thinly sliced
Water: 1 Litre
Ice: 1 Cup

Throw cucumber slices in water. Let sit for an hour, stir, and serve over ice.
Pour one out for the homies!

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2 thoughts on “Cucumber Spa Water

  1. SB

    Hi Adrianne! I’ve been trying infusing water with cucumber, citrus, mint, etc, and it’s sooo tasty but I never know how long it’s OK before going bad? Do you need to drink right away or remove the cucumber/mint/fruit at a certain point? I tried keeping lemon-mint-infused water in a covered glass pitcher in the fridge and the mint went brown overnight/it tasted off by the next day… Cucumber water seemed to also taste weird the next day. Thanks for any advice!

    1. Adrianne Ho Post author

      Try making just enough to last for the rest of the day. You can keep the rest of the cucumber and cut new fresh slices every day.

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