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Lisa Dillon

SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon-2 SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon-4Sweat The Style girl, model Lisa Dillon soaks in the Malibu sun in a custom Sweat T-shirt so she can show a little more skin on the beach. Here are a few personal words from her about how she fell in love with an active lifestyle…

“I used to HATE working out. I felt like it was a chore and I didn’t think it was important because I was naturally thin. Boy was I wrong… working out saved my life! Before I started hitting the gym I had very low self-esteem and didn’t think I had it in me to become a successful model. I was at a low point in my life and my boyfriend was the one who really pushed me to make the change into a healthier lifestyle. I knew I had to push myself mentally before I could start being active physically. With the help of my boyfriend, I convinced myself that I am good enough and I am capable of being confident and successful.

I joined a gym for the first time in my life and never looked back. Now, I have a body that I didn’t think I was capable of having. My self-esteem shot up and I have never been happier. I’m now signed with great agencies, coast to coast and have worked with some amazing clients.

I encourage anyone that is struggling with self-esteem issues to make the change to a healthy, active lifestyle. I want everyone to feel the way that working out has made me feel! Everyone deserves to feel confident and happy. Even if these words only motivate a single person, I would be thrilled! Today is the day to start the journey to the life you’ve always wanted, NOTHING is out of reach!”

Who do you sweat?
I sweat myself!
What do you sweat?
I sweat all my worries away.
Where do you sweat?
I sweat at the gym and at the beach!
When do you sweat?
I sweat 5 days a week, consistency is key!
How do you sweat?
Some of my favorite ways to sweat include hot yoga, incline exercises and weight lifting.
Why do you sweat?
I sweat because it makes me feel great! Gotta love those endorphins.SweatTheStyle_LisaDillon-3

Adrianne Ho

Get inspired to Sweat with Lisa on her Instagram and Snapchat (@Lisaaaa_4)

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