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run your town health 1Having the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet allows your body to recover as fast as you are. Anti-inflammatory properties in omega-3’s like fish oil help reduce exercise-induced asthma, muscle soreness, and build lean muscle. I take Nordic Naturals Omega-3 fish oil on a daily basis.

Unless you’re eating 2-3 servings of fatty fish (like salmon or tuna) a week, these supplements can insure you’re getting enough omega-3’s.

Omega 3 STS HealthOmega-3 Fish Oil: Nordic Naturals

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3 thoughts on “OMEGA-3 FISH OIL

  1. Camille

    Hi! I just would like to know if there is any padding in this bra? and do u prefer this one or the regular” nike pro bra” (I think it’s called that way :s)?
    thks and keep going with yr blog, its great!

    1. Adrianne Ho Post author

      Hi Camille!
      There isn’t padding in this bra, if you’re looking for a sports bra with padding try the “Define” sports bra by Nike ( The Nike “Pro” bra has more support than this one, so it would be a better choice if your running for a longer distance or doing a high impact workout. Another bra that has lots of support like the Nike “Pro” bra is this one from Under Armour (
      I’m glad you like the site! I hope that answers your question.

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