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Benefits Of Acidophilus

AdrianneHo_Supreme_BoxerBrief-6AdrianneHo_Supreme_BoxerBrief-7Exercise and a good diet aren’t the only things that help achieve a flat stomach…

SweatTheStyle_AcidophilusHaving a proper balance of “good bacteria” in your body plays a large part as well.
If you have recently ran a course of antibiotics or have been going on a sugar bender, you may benefit from taking probiotics like acidophilus. Probiotics are the healthy type of bacteria living in your digestive tract. They can help reduce bloating, optimize digestion, improve immunity, as well as add a nice glow to your skin. If you experience upset digestion, probiotic supplements taken first thing in the morning will bring you some relief.

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Health & Wellness

run your town health 1Having the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet allows your body to recover as fast as you are. Anti-inflammatory properties in omega-3’s like fish oil help reduce exercise-induced asthma, muscle soreness, and build lean muscle. I take Nordic Naturals Omega-3 fish oil on a daily basis.

Unless you’re eating 2-3 servings of fatty fish (like salmon or tuna) a week, these supplements can insure you’re getting enough omega-3’s.

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