Sweat The Crew
Kristina Velkova

SweatTheStyle_KristinaBugaria_ChristinaPailk_5SweatTheStyle_KristinaBugaria_ChristinaPailk_6SweatTheStyle_KristinaBugaria_ChristinaPailk_2BSweatTheStyle_KristinaBugaria_ChristinaPailk_4Born in Bulgaria, living in New York, Kristina Velkova splits her time between studying at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and modelling.  She stays in shape by sticking to real food, staying hydrated, and never missing a morning vinyasa. Today she exudes sporty sophistication as she rocks a Celine necklace with a Nike sports bra, Lanvin sweats, and Nike Air Pythons.

Who do you sweat?
Myself at my best.
What do you sweat?
I sweat compassion and dedication.
Where do you sweat?
When do you sweat?
I sweat when I am challenged.
How do you sweat?
With adrenaline and perseverance.


Christina Paik

Sweat with Kristina on her Instagram and Twitter.

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Get A Grip

AdrianneHo_VintageNikeWindbreaker_4 Jokes aside having good grip and forearm strength improves everyday movement and activities. Hand Grips help build and develop strength in wrists and forearms. Traditionally they are used by boxers so they can handle stress on the wrists and forearms. This strength is utilized daily while lifting objects, driving, and playing sports like tennis or hockey.
SweatTheStyle_SupremeGrip Hold the gripper and try to close it as many times as you can. Record how long it took. Repeat on the other hand. Make sure to grip for the same amount of time on each hand.

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