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Visual Journal
Adrianne Ho’s Favorite Spots in Paris Part 2

Place Vendôme, Marché des Enfants Rouges, Hôtel Costes, Mariage Frères, Dreamin’ Man, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Le Coq & Fils, Musée Picasso, The Broken Arm, Du Pain et des Idées, Chez Alain Miam Miam, Kubri, Gramme Paris 3, Futur Hôtel Louis Vuitton, and the Louvre Museum.

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Adrianne Ho in Supreme x Pat McGrath Labs Lipstick

“When it comes to makeup there’s nothing more iconic than matte red lipstick. It makes sense that would be the single shade legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath would choose for her collaboration with my beloved Supreme. Like the other MatteTrance lipsticks in McGrath’s LABS line, this shade glides on easily with a hyper pigmented, rich, creamy texture.”

“What I love about a red lip is that it’s strong enough to be worn on its own. It doesn’t need heavy eye shadow, blush, or bronzer to support it. I personally love this shade because it’s so classic and versatile. It can be worn in a formal setting or dress up a casual look. It can be edgy or sweet. A red lip is timeless and will never go out of style.”

“I’ve been following Pat McGrath for a long time. What I love about her work is how unique and unexpected every look she creates is. She can tell a story through make up by the way it’s applied and with the color & texture choices she makes. It’s very inspiring!” – Adrianne Ho

“Make up is an extraordinary tool that allows me to share my inspirations, my fantasies, and my vision with the world.” – Pat McGrath

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Food & Drink
Le Beurre Bordier Sabatino Tartufi Black Winter Truffle Butter

“Two indulgent loves of mine are butter and truffles. Spending time in France and Italy for work has reinforced my love affair with the delicacies. Not being able to travel this year has made me nostalgic of the modeling trips to Paris and Florence enjoying the local goods. Thanks to Epicurus Gourmet Market in Los Angeles we can reimagine the tastes of travel at home. Shaving some fresh Sabatino Tartufi Black Winter Truffle and folding it into room temperature Bordier Butter can take you away with one bite.” – Adrianne Ho

Supreme Reversible Colorblocked Fleece Jacket Red
Le Beurre Bordier Beurre de Baratte Doux (Bordier Sweet Churned Butter)
Sabatino Tartufi Black Winter Truffle
Authentic Iga-yaki pottery by Nagatani-en Tokusa Bowl
Paderno Shaver

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Sweat the Look
Adrianne Ho in Kozy Kapital

Kapital Damask Fleece Zip Jacket
Kapital Damask Fleece Easy Pants
Kapital 96 Yarns Cowichan Socks
Visvim Christo Black Sandals
Supreme Raffia Black Tote Bag

Adrianne Ho at her home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California

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Sweat The Style Gift Guide

High: Peloton Bike
Mid: Crossrope Get Fit Bundle
Low: Bionic Body Training Kit
High: Weekend at Post Ranch Inn Big Sur
Mid: Dyson Air Purifier
Low: Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt Oblique Strategies Cards
High: Byredo Ambre Japonais Candle
Mid: Tamburins Orange Pulp and Fresh Laurels Mood Perfume 284
Low: Gonesh Incense Cones No.8 Spring Mist
High: Vitamix Ascent Series A3500
Mid: Classic-style All-purpose Donabe Hakeme
Low: Il Buco Stories & Recipes Book
High: Ippodo Matcha Ummon-no-mukashi
Mid: Mariage Frères Cotton Muslin Tea Bags
Low: Maru Colombia Gesha Coffee Beans
High: Hyperice Volt
Mid: Hyperice Mini Sphere
Low: D:Ceramics Palo Santo & Incense Holder
High: The Stylish Life Tennis
Mid: Still Life Irving Penn Photographs, 1938-2000
Low: Racquet Magazine Subscription
High: Oversized Noah Sweatshirts
Mid: Vintage Oversized Flannels
Low: Kapital 56 Yarns Kogin Grandrelle Socks
High: Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum
Mid: Beauty Counter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick
Low: Glossier Boy Brow

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Sweat the Look
Archives Nationales

Prada Re-Nylon Baseball Cap Black
Barbour Japan Bedale SL Camo Jacket
Supreme x Commes des Garçons Shirt Box Logo T-shirt FW 2018 Black
Adidas Compression Shorts
Kapital 56 yarns Neon Line Gogh Socks 
Hoka One One Sneakers Black

Adrianne Ho shot on location at Archives Nationales in Paris, France

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