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Sweat The Crew
Brie Birkholm & Joanie Del Santo


Alexandra Gavillet/Kate Eringer

On Joanie:
Team Honda Mesh Long Sleeve Shirt: The Locker Room
Triple Black Leopard Camouflage Tights: Sweat x Sweat The Style
Sneakers: Adidas

On Brie:
Vintage Adidas Volleyball Pullover: The Locker Room
Box Logo Standard Tights: Sweat x Sweat The Style
Slides: Adidas

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Sweat The Crew
Brie Birkholm

SweatTheStyle_briellebirkholm_VintageNike_3SweatTheStyle_briellebirkholm_VintageNike_5SweatTheStyle_briellebirkholm_VintageNike_1Beach beauty model Brie Birkholm has some fun between reps as she works out in Venice Beach, California. She looks bright even on an overcast day in a yellow Vintage Nike Graphic T-Shirt from the Locker Room, with Sweat x Sweat The Style Box Logo Standard Tights, and red Nike Flyknit Racers. Being a lover of the outdoors she turns even a regular jogging path into a good time.

Who do you sweat?
My bitchy side.
What do you sweat?
I sweat out all the stress and insecurities I’m carrying with me. Leave it on the mat or dirt. Whatever works:)
Where do you sweat?
For my cardio I try to get outdoors. I’m obsessed with reformer Pilates. But when my schedule doesn’t allow it, it’s in my living room with a good ole workout dvd on:)
When do you sweat?
Anytime I can! As long as I get a good sweat in I’m happy!
How do you sweat?
With a lil reminder that I have it in me to give more than I did the day before.
Why do you sweat?
For my overall health and the clarity and calmness it brings to me.


Alexandra Gavillet/Kate Eringer

Bring it on with Brie on her Instagram. 

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