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Adrianne Ho for Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

“I’m a big believer that you cannot do your best without feeling your best. That’s why recovery is so crucial when it comes to staying consistently physically active. I know that I cannot give my all during my workouts if my muscles are sore so I always take the time after to stretch and recover. A large part of that is done using technology like Hyperice’s Hypervolt 2 Pro for both warming up and cooling down. It’s the same percussion therapy that professional athletes in the NBA and the Olympics use for recovery. This specific device is the strongest Hypervolt that Hyperice makes with five speeds to massage sore muscles. Hyperice also has a Bluetooth connected app that can guide you according to the the sport or workout you do and for which areas are sore so you’re able to give yourself professional level treatment. I love when technology can improve our daily lives like the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro.” – Adrianne Ho

Adrianne Ho for Hyperice shot by Frankie Marin in Hollywood, California.

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The Farmers Market Global Pre-Launch Installation At The Racket Doctor

The Farmers Market Global installation at The Racket Doctor featuring the collaborative collection available in store only:
Atwater Crewneck Sweatshirts in oatmeal & dark green
Atwater T-shirts in black & oxford grey
The Racket Doctor Farmer T-shirts in dark green & ash grey
On display:
Vintage Carhartt Detroit Jacket, Tennis & Agriculture Books from The Farmers Market Global Private Collection
Tomyoy Salad Dressing in collaboration with The Farmers Market Global
The Farmers Market Global Tennis Balls, Farm Court & Field Straw Hat, Backyard Farming Club Foam & Mesh Agriculture Hat, Sweatshorts, The Farmers Market Global x L.L.Bean Tote Bags chain stitched by hand
The Farmers Market Global Initial Collection on display:
The Farmers Market Global Tennis Balls, Cans of Meyer Lemons, Farm Court Straw Hat, Bloom Court Straw Hat, Los Angeles Backyard Farming Club Foam & Mesh Agriculture Hat, Farm Foam & Mesh Agriculture Hat, Soil Foam & Mesh Agriculture Hat, Farmers Market Crewneck Sweatshirt, Sweet Basil & Lovage Seed Packets, Produce Bags, Boonie Hats
The Farmers Market Global x Kleen Kanteen Insulated Water Bottle
Vintage L.L.Bean Rubber Mocs, Tennis & Agriculture Books from The Farmers Market Global Private Collection

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Sweat the Look
Archives Nationales

Prada Re-Nylon Baseball Cap Black
Barbour Japan Bedale SL Camo Jacket
Supreme x Commes des Garçons Shirt Box Logo T-shirt FW 2018 Black
Adidas Compression Shorts
Kapital 56 yarns Neon Line Gogh Socks 
Hoka One One Sneakers Black

Adrianne Ho shot on location at Archives Nationales in Paris, France

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