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Roots x Sweat The Style Custom Varsity Jacket

AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_14AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_8AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_7AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_12AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_11AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_20AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_6AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_4AdrianneHo_RootsCanada_1Roots is a Canadian heritage brand known for its incredible integrity and passion for product. Sharing similar values with Sweat The Style was the foundation of this collaboration. Roots makes some of the best constructed and most durable outerwear, fleece, and leather goods in the world.

The Roots x Sweat The Style custom varsity jacket was designed in New York City and handcrafted in Canada with Italian leather and melton wool. The unique chenille hits represent the different values of Sweat The Style: empowerment, strength, love and growth.

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Sweat The Crew
Courtne Smith

SweatTheStyle_CourtneSmith_1 SweatTheStyle_CourtneSmith_2 SweatTheStyle_CourtneSmith_3 SweatTheStyle_CourtneSmith_4 SweatTheStyle_CourtneSmith_6 It’s time to introduce the girls I sweat and you should sweat too. I’m so excited to have my girl and fellow Torontonian Courtne Smith as part of the Sweat The Style crew. As the only female member of Drake’s OVO, Courtne holds her own with the boys. When we linked in NYC she was sporting some serious swag, the not-yet-released Roots x OVO 2014 tour jacket and highly coveted Nike x OVO Air Jordan XIIs with a pair of worn jeans and a t-shirt. Courtne kills it in classic comfort at its finest.

Who do you SWEAT?
What do you SWEAT?
In Nike with a Missoni headband.
Where do you SWEAT?
Anywhere there is a gym… or in my living room.
When do you SWEAT?
2-4 times a week around 3am.
How do you SWEAT?
Elliptical for 45-60 minutes. I also love Tracy Anderson DVDs!
Why do you SWEAT?
To look like Beyonce…

SweatTheStyle_CourtneSmith_AdrianneHoRock with Sweat The Style girl Courtne Smith aka Queen Shmink on her Instagram and Twitter.

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