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Sweat The Crew
Thayná Santos

SweatTheStyle_Thayna_1SweatTheStyle_Thayna_3SweatTheStyle_Thayna_4SweatTheStyle_Thayna_6In the streets of New York City Sweat The Style girl model Thayná Santos works it for Christina Paik’s lens. She sports a reversible bomber by Elvira over a Nike sports bra, with Alexander Wang shorts, and gold Foamposites. The perfect blend between high fashion and sportswear, black and gold has never looked so sleek.

Who do you sweat?
Grasiele Lima my friend.
What do you sweat?
My whole body.
Where do you sweat?
I run on the West Side Highway and at the gym near my apartment.
When do you sweat?
Normally afternoon or evenings but if I can’t I will find time during the day.
How do you sweat?
Why do you sweat?
Because I run soooo hard!


Christina Paik

Run with Thayná on her Instagram.

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