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Le Beurre Bordier Sabatino Tartufi Black Winter Truffle Butter

“Two indulgent loves of mine are butter and truffles. Spending time in France and Italy for work has reinforced my love affair with the delicacies. Not being able to travel this year has made me nostalgic of the modeling trips to Paris and Florence enjoying the local goods. Thanks to Epicurus Gourmet Market in Los Angeles we can reimagine the tastes of travel at home. Shaving some fresh Sabatino Tartufi Black Winter Truffle and folding it into room temperature Bordier Butter can take you away with one bite.” – Adrianne Ho

Supreme Reversible Colorblocked Fleece Jacket Red
Le Beurre Bordier Beurre de Baratte Doux (Bordier Sweet Churned Butter)
Sabatino Tartufi Black Winter Truffle
Authentic Iga-yaki pottery by Nagatani-en Tokusa Bowl
Paderno Shaver

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