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Sweat the Look
Adrianne Ho In Noah NYC On Crosby St.

Noah Linen Sack Jacket
Noah Linen Belted Double-Pleat Trousers
Aritzia Babaton Sculpt Knit Squareneck Cropped Tank
The Farmers Market Global New York Terrace Gardening Club Trucker Hat
Celine Sunglasses
Birkenstock Boston Mountain View Green

Adrianne Ho photographed in Noah on Crosby St. at the NoMo SoHo Hotel.

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Sweat The Style Gift Guide

High: Peloton Bike
Mid: Crossrope Get Fit Bundle
Low: Bionic Body Training Kit
High: Weekend at Post Ranch Inn Big Sur
Mid: Dyson Air Purifier
Low: Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt Oblique Strategies Cards
High: Byredo Ambre Japonais Candle
Mid: Tamburins Orange Pulp and Fresh Laurels Mood Perfume 284
Low: Gonesh Incense Cones No.8 Spring Mist
High: Vitamix Ascent Series A3500
Mid: Classic-style All-purpose Donabe Hakeme
Low: Il Buco Stories & Recipes Book
High: Ippodo Matcha Ummon-no-mukashi
Mid: Mariage Frères Cotton Muslin Tea Bags
Low: Maru Colombia Gesha Coffee Beans
High: Hyperice Volt
Mid: Hyperice Mini Sphere
Low: D:Ceramics Palo Santo & Incense Holder
High: The Stylish Life Tennis
Mid: Still Life Irving Penn Photographs, 1938-2000
Low: Racquet Magazine Subscription
High: Oversized Noah Sweatshirts
Mid: Vintage Oversized Flannels
Low: Kapital 56 Yarns Kogin Grandrelle Socks
High: Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum
Mid: Beauty Counter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick
Low: Glossier Boy Brow

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Sweat the Look
Silver Lake Linings Playbook

Arc’teryx Veilance Bucket Hat
Noah Cashball Down Puffer Vest
Kapital Eco Fleece Knit Crew Sweatshirt Smiley Patch
Aritzia High-Waisted Vegan Leather Limerick Shorts
The North Face Purple Label Lightweight Logo Tape Waist Bag
Kapital 56 Yarns MA-1 Heel Smilie Socks
Birkenstock Triple Black Boston Exquisite Black Leather Clogs
Rolex Datejust 41 Diamond Oyster Perpetual Gold Watch

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Sweat the Look
Adrianne Ho Arrives at the Tom Ford New York Fashion Week Runway Show

Noah Double-Breasted Black and White Houndstooth Blazer
Noah Black and White Houndstooth Trousers 
Goyard Sénat Pouch 
Maison Kitsuné Leather Boots

Adrianne Ho photographed in New York City at the Tom Ford Runway Show by Moeez Ali with hair & makeup by Amrita Mehta


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How Model Adrianne Ho Starts Her Day For Highsnobiety

Adrianne Ho is many things. She’s a model, one well known in the streetwear world for her work for the likes of adidas, Nike and Riccardo Tisci (and, of course, the cover of Highsnobiety Issue 7). She’s a fashion designer, crafting technical but stylish workout gear under her own lifestyle and culture label Sweat the Style. She’s a certified IG goddess, with 734,000 followers at the time of writing. She’s a TV host, a director, a businesswoman — the list goes on.
But in everything Ho does, you can guarantee there will always be a focus on two things: health and style. Her Instagram feed bombards you with ‘fit pics and #fitspo. She makes working out—sometimes in Supreme, naturally—and eating healthily look cool and genuinely aspirational. The key to living the good life, she says, is getting it right between dawn and noon.
Read on to learn about how Ho uses meditation, workouts and lemon water to start her day in the best way possible.
What time do you wake up?
I recently moved to Silver Lake and have been getting up early to work on my new house. I’ve been waking up with the sun and birds because I’ve been so excited to get the day started.
Then what happens?
The first thing I do in the morning is meditate and try to clear my head. Then I’ll check my phone — I do a lot of business in Asia and the time difference is so extreme that there’s usually a lot of messages or requests that I need to respond to early.
Then I’ll relax and take in the views around me before setting a schedule for what I want to accomplish that day.
What’s on your breakfast table?
My diet is plant-based for the most part, but I have my splurges — as you can see on my Instagram! Generally, I start the day with room temperature lemon water. After that, if I’m not heading straight to a workout, I’ll have an almond milk matcha latte and oatmeal. I love the taste of matcha and it still gives me a little caffeine hit. I don’t drink regular milk, so I always order or make lattes with almond milk at home. I’ve also been getting into hemp and oat milk as a nice alternative.
What’s happening around you?
Well, I don’t watch TV but sometimes I’ll play some relaxing ambient music. After a little bit of work is done, I’ll usually go work out. If it’s an off day I’ll walk the Silver Lake Reservoir and go over tasks for the day; that could be approving designs, finalizing campaigns, working on film or TV concepts, or creating social media content.
How important is a solid morning routine for you?
The most important part of my routine starts right before I wake up: especially when traveling, I have to make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep. It can be really difficult with jet lag and work schedules, but it just means cutting out idle time on the phone before going to sleep. I fly to Asia every month so the time difference is really tricky, and by the time I’m adjusted I have to go back to NYC or LA. Lots of water and sleep are really the most important for recovery.
What kind of workouts do you do in the morning?
I’m lucky enough at this point to have a trainer in every city I frequent. If I’m home, I’ll work out four or five days a week, usually in the morning. I regularly go to Barry’s Bootcamp and do weight training with my personal trainer Micah McKinley at Phys Ed. Studio.
I’ll also mix in muay thai, tennis, hiking, or some other group fitness classes to keep it interesting. I love going to classes or one-on-one training because it makes me push myself harder than I would if I was alone at a gym.
Why do you think we place so much importance in getting a good start to your day?
I think it’s because we always want to start strong — that’s applicable to everything. A little trick I set for myself is setting simpler, easier goals in the morning to give myself a sense of accomplishment, which then sets the tone for the rest of the day. Since I’m so busy when traveling, it’s important for me when I’m home to have a strict, methodical routine to get everything done until the next time I have to leave.

Adrianne Ho shot at her home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California in Noah and vintage Adidas from For All To Envy with hair & makeup by Amrita Mehta for Highsnobiety

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