Run To Your Oasis

AdrianneHo_EG_Floral_5AdrianneHo_EG_Floral_6 2 mile run along the Eastside River Park with my floral vest on.
My arms are kept free while my body is still covered and warm.
Let your focus be on your path not your temperature.

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AdrianneHo_EngineeredGarments_Tartan_4#HoKnows it’s cold out there for a Ho On The Go and it’s smart to utilize a base layer. Uniqlo’s Heattech shirts and pants generate and retain heat, absorb moisture, and dry quickly. They feel like a thin second skin that minimizes odor and sweat. I put them on under my clothes when I’m going to workout or have a long day outside in the cold. This technical advancement keeps me warm and comfortable without compromising my style.
Long Sleeve Shirt: Uniqlo
Tights: Uniqlo

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